April 14, 2024

Online Gambling

Several organizations offer help for online gamblers. Some provide referral services to local programs. Others provide free support.

One study found that a single gambling index – the best-known example being the DSM’s DSS – was not sufficient to identify problematic behaviour. A much more comprehensive strategy, which relyes on algorithms to detect risk indicators, can be applied to internet gambling in particular.

The DSM-5 has also added a new category of Internet Gaming Disorder. The DSM explains that the best way to measure this is by looking at the number of gamblers who exhibit the most common features of the disorder.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center recently reported that college-aged males were the most likely to use the internet to play a gambling game, with nearly half of them reporting that they have used the Internet to do so. They have also noted that a single gaming site is not enough to make the list of best places to gamble, pointing out that there are several online sites that offer specific types of games.

The Department of Justice’s own “Online Gambling Review” report states that there are more than 1.7 million American youth who gamble for money on the internet at least once a month, with more than 400,000 doing so at least once a week.

The same research also found that the number of gamblers who have an overall involvement in the game relating to the one that is most significant – the most obvious one – was actually a mere 15,000, a small increase from the previous year. This was a minuscule increase compared to the 530,000 students who visited a casino or poker site in a given month.